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World’s African dance contest holds in Berlin

Dancers from Europe and Africa will converge on the German capital city of Berlin from 11-14 May to participate at the first ever World Best Afro Dance Championship. The new contest, the brainchild of Cynthia Zombou, offers an international platform for Afro dancers to showcase their talent, creativity and passion to an international audience. According to Zombou, the contest should pave way for young dancers to make a career out of their hobby.

Up to 150 participants are expected to take part in the championship, whose motto is It’s time for African dance, and they will contest titles under categories such as  1vs1 Afro House, 1vs1 Coupe Decale, 2vs2 AfroFusion und Crews with 3-8 dancers. The event, which will henceforth take place annually in Berlin, will also feature dance workshops at which members of the public can take part.

The 4-day event will not only produce the World Best Afro Dancers but also showcase African cuisines, beauty and fashion.

Countdown to the World Best Afro Dance Championship begins on 27 February in Berlin with a big Pre Party tour.

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