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Sensuelle Radio and Sensuelle Radio Gold available in ZALUNU App

Dear Friends & Followers,

Let us introduce to you today two amazing french internet radio online, which recently joined our Free TV & Radio Directory: Sensuelle Radio and Sensuelle Radio Gold.

Sensuelle Radio, a free internet radio broadcasting, started its stream in January 2014 and offers a dedicated program to pop love music as well as to the 80s music. Here you will get definitely one of the best 80s music playlist, chart as well as 80s music compilation available out there. Also you will find during the day different topic such as weather, news and horoscopes. With over 300 hours of daily listening, the online internet radio Sensuelle continues to grow up with different online radio platforms.

Sensuelle Radio Gold is the youngest baby of the family. Started in August 2016, this free internet radio reached already in the last months over 100 hours of daily listening. This radio dedicates its program only to the  70s, 80s and 90s music as well as to disco music and funk.

Both internet radios are broadcasting 24/7 from La Réunion as well as from Paris in France. Both are available in our free internet TV and Radio app ZALUNU.

Click here to download the App on Google Play or click here to download our free App on the App Store and start enjoying.

And Yes, if you have also a live streaming TV or a free internet radio online, feel free to contact us anytime to join our Directory! It’s completely free!

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Keep enjoying your favorite App 😉

The Zalunu Crew

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