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Arabeskin Krali and Roket Fm from Turkey available NOW in ZALUNU App

Turkey, Istanbul now featured in ZALUNU App? 🙂

Well! Recently two famous great radio stations from Turkey based in Istanbul (the most populous city in Turkey and the country’s economic, cultural, and historic center)  joined our Free Directory ZALUNU and we are very happy to introduce them to you today.

ARABESKİN KRALI RADYO 38 and ROKET FM, both managed by Mr. K. Özen, broadcast from Istanbul 24/7, as well on the internet as on local frequencies, respectively on 99.8FM and 88.3FM. country flag turkey, turkey country flag, turkish flag, turkey, turkey music online

Both play mainly music. While Roket FM is more playing Hit music like their slogan says, Arabeskin Krali Radio is more playing turkish music.

So if you are really interested in discovering turkish music artists, turkish music bands or you just want to listen to turkish music online, these online radios would be definitely the right choice for you.

We have been listening to these stations in the last days and it was really interesting to learn more about the turkish culture through the app. And this is the reason why we built this app: to give you and us a way to discover the World, to learn more about cultures, languages and more, starting from Africa to other regions everywhere in other parts of the World.

The turkish online radio Arabeskin Krali Radyo 38 and Roket FM are available in our free internet TV and Radio app ZALUNU.

Click here to download the App on Google Play or click here to download our free App on the App Store.

And if you have also a live streaming TV or a free internet radio online, feel free to contact us anytime to join our Directory! It’s completely free of charge!

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Keep enjoying your favorite App ZALUNU 😉

The Zalunu Crew

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