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Zalunu App Hits 1 Million Downloads On Google Play Store

A few weeks ago, Zalunu Watch Live TV & Online Radio App hits One Million Downloads on Google Play Store. Remember that Zalunu was the first App in the Wolrd bringing Free live TV and Online Radio Streaming in One Unique Mobile App.

Furthermore, Zalunu has been featured many times in different countries in the World. It’s really unbelievable how people are falling in love every day with our Live TV App. We can’t say enough Thank You, because You made this possible.  one million downloads, 1 million download, one million downloads,watch live tv, online radio, one million download, one million downloads, google play store, zalunu, zalunu tv, live tv, tv online, free live tv, live tv app, tv en vivos gratis, zalunu app, watch tv online free, tv online free, live tv online, tv online android

We should not forget to say that in some regions in the World, “zalunu” has become one of the most searched keywords! Wow this is really crazy! #zalunu

The Community is engaging more and more with us every via Email, social media, via the Website and other funnels. In the months of November and December, some great videos have been published on Youtube regarding our app, in Spanish and Portuguese language. Thank you to the publishers of these videos, we know how time consuming it is. One of the greatest Videos has been from Juan carlos Deolarte. Click here to watch.

At the same time, our database is growing very fast. A lot of broadcasters have seen and understood the needs and advantages to be listed in our database. They have access to a really fast growing audience around the world and are delighted to join our free mobile Directory. Here a special Thank to DJ Loncho TV from Chile who featured us many time in his Advertising Program.

We’ll keep providing the Best for You, still combining Technology and Innovation with #Love.

So if you haven’t yet downloaded the App on your mobile device, it’s time to get it Now fo free. Click here to get the app directy on your device:

Again, Thank you!!

P.S: We now offer Chat Live Support on our website. Feel free to ask your questions anytime 😉

    • zalunu on February 14, 2018

      Thank you very much 🙂

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