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Version 4.1 of ZALUNU WorldWide LIVE TV & Radio is OUT – Important Changes

Today was an other important step in the further development of our App ZALUNU – WorldWide Free LIVE TV & Online Radio.

After several weeks of planning, UX designing and coding, we finally released the version 4.1 of the App on the ANDROID Platform with some interesting changes. The most important change that you will notice is the NEW! sliding panel menu, aka “Navigation Drawer” – which replaced our old panel menu.
The following screenshot will show clearly the difference to the old panel menu:

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By default, this Sliding Menu (Navigation Drawer) will be hidden and can be shown by tapping the menu icon on the action bar (top right).

From there, the user can access easily these main features:
1- Remove Ads: using this feautre, users will be able to remove completely the ads from the app if they want (here we have to say, still many users will see ads as an other way of Entertainment, especially relevant ads, but well this topic could open a new discussion 😉 )
2- Change language: you can use this feature to change easily the language of the App. Note that we support currenlty 9 languages (more languages in the future)
3- Change View: in this segment, 4 different views are available to choose: the Standard mode, view per country, view per category and view per language. It’s a very interesting feature, as just in one click, you will find very quick what you are interested in.
4- Rate Us: will send you the App store where you can leave a review about the app
5- Share App: you can use this feature to share the app very easily. It supports now all available Sharing options on your device, like SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook etc.
6- Help & Feedback: you can use this to request assistance or send us directly a feedback!

From the Menu, you can access as well our social accounts and follow us live.

With this new sliding panel menu, we aim to make the use of the App much more easier and comfortable for our lovely users.
Popular applications like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google + already introduced navigation drawer menu in their applications and it’s really amazing what you can do with!

Since we integrated Crashlytics in our App, we started to monitor very closely the crashes happening and this helped us really a lot to identify ton of crashes and fix them. Like Crashylitics says, No More Sad Apps! Of course, it’s not a One-Time Action, but rather a “never-Ended Ongoing-Task”, a great challenge that we’re continuously taking.

Probably the next question that you would ask will be:”What about about iOS??” Well, it’s true that it has been a very long time that the iOS version has not been updated. But we can assure you that we are currently working on it and we will inform you as soon as the new version will be available. They are a lot changes ongoing on iOS and they require lot of testing.

The version 4.1  was one important step but there are still a lot of interesting changes upcoming. For now, we will not (yet) disclose it, keep calm, enjoy the App and let’s get suprised 😉

To keep the App working on your device, please make sure to update as soon as possible to the latest version.
You can scan the following QR-Code from your device to get the app directly on the respective store or by opening from your device the following link:
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And See You Soon for a New Update! ;-))

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