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Jacob Zuma resigns as South Africa’s president : What’s Next?

After years of attempts to remove him, and months of speculation, Jacob Zuma has been forced to step down as president of South Africa.

Mr Zuma had been in a vulnerable position since the end of his final term as head of the ruling ANC in December last year, when his rival Cyril Ramaphosa was chosen to lead the party.

The allegations of corruption around Mr Zuma were unrelenting.

Particularly damaging were the ongoing claims that a wealthy family from India – the Guptas – had gained lucrative state contracts and exerted undue influence on government appointments because of a corrupt relationship with the president.

While the Guptas and Mr Zuma consistently denied the claims, the stories of what is known as “state capture” kept coming.

Mr Zuma is also facing the possible reinstatement of 18 charges of corruption, fraud, and money laundering stemming from a 1990s arms deal.

In a televised address to the nation late on Wednesday Feb 14th 2018, the 75-year-old said he was a disciplined member of the ANC, to which he had dedicated his life (Click here to see the Video on Twitter ???? .

“I fear no motion of no confidence or impeachment … I will continue to serve the people of South Africa and the ANC. I will dedicate my life to continuing to work for the execution of the policies of our organisation,” Zuma said.

“No life should be lost in my name. The ANC should never been divided in my name. I have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect.”

What is happening now?

According to the constitution, in the event of “a vacancy in the office of president, an office-bearer in the order below acts as president:

  • (a) The deputy president
  • (b) A minister designated by the president
  • (c) A minister designated by the other members of the cabinet
  • (d) The speaker, until the National Assembly designates one of its other members”.

As deputy president, as well as ANC leader, Cyril Ramaphosa — whose election as A.N.C. leader in December set off a power struggle with Mr. Zuma — immediately became acting president. On Thursday, Mr. Ramaphosa is almost certain to be chosen by Parliament to become the nation’s fifth president since the end of apartheid in 1994; all have been members of the A.N.C.

Cyril Ramaphosa, ANC, Jacob Zuma, President

Banner bearing a portrait of Cyril Ramaphosa, the A.N.C. leader, at the party’s anniversary celebration last month / Credit Image: Mujahid Safodien/Agence France-Presse

Anyway, it’s a great decision to acclaim. A New Beginning and Era for South Africa and .

In Africa, after Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe, it’s Jacob Zuma to step down in South Africa. Who Will Be The Next?

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